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MSK GROUP comprises of various businesses and investments for over 25 years in several diverse fields. Our presence is varied, our focus one: to meet the needs of the customer in several unique ways.

MSK has the ability to think, learn and create scale and expertise in each of its industry verticals. This ability enables us to provide the customer with fully integrated services.

MSK's journey so far spans 25 years of innovation and quality service. The milestones established along the way have reflected the commitment of our team spirit and accomplishments. They also inspire and motivate us, and give us a flying start into the next 25 years.


MSK Group has enjoyed a long tradition of success, from its early days in the 1989s when the MSK family's business began. The MSK Group, founded by Mr. Ravi Mokkapati and Mrs. Sashikala Mokkapati, is one of the largest small scale private sector enterprises in South India, with businesses in the construction, manufacturing, technology, service management, angel investments, hospitality, education and materials value chain. Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of MSK.

The Group's activities span exploration and production of software technology, adhesives, creating infrastructure for various developments, angel investments, maintain properties in the real estate sector and provide high quality hospitality services in its resorts.

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We provide one mobile - Any Recharge through online or offline.

MSK Group provides E-Bus services to it's clients.

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